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Anisic Alcohol

4-Methoxybenzyl alcohol, 4-methoxy-Benzenemethanol,
p-methoxy-benzyl alcohol
Description of the nature: colorless or slightly yellow liquid. Melting point 23-25.5 ℃, boiling point of 259 ℃, the relative density of 1.113 (15/15 ℃), refractive index 1.5442. Soluble in alcohol and ether, almost insoluble in water.
Formula: C8H10O2
Molecular Weight:138.16
EINECS No.:203-273-6
3、Production methods and quality indicators:
4、Use and Packaging:
(1).This product is mainly used in Organic Synthesis, for example to synthesis new type Cephalosporin Intermediates-GCLE.
(2). This product can be used for Flavors and fragrances production also. It smells like Fennel odor, which can be confected to Jasmine, Lilac etc flavors or perfume. According GB2760-88, this product can be used for making food grade flavor, such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Cocoa, Almond and Peach etc Flavors.
(3)Packaging: 200 kg /drum, PE.
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